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Managing money and advising clients since 1982

I encourage clients to see through and beyond the present tense and focus on longer term market cycles and personal objectives


The world capital markets in the short run are driven by uncertainty and irrationality. World Capital markets may, in the short run, be shrouded in speculation and casino like behavior.

Wall Street has imperfect knowledge of the future, imperfect knowledge of risk bubbles, and ineffective scientific warning systems. 

Investing involves risks and possible loss of principle. International asset classes, including USA and North America, involve risk of loss from currency changes, differences in generally accepted accounting principles or from economic or political instabilities. 

Crawford Asset Management recommends that investors become self-reliant, independent of any research source, thoughtful, and check their biases at door thresholds. There are no guarantees. Chaos is Wall Street's bedfellow and your nightmare; or your sweet dream if you nourish chaos. 

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